I imagine many long-distance trekkers have problems with footwear at some point. Today we were able to solve our own slightly unusual issue. We each have a pair of boots (obviously) and they are all fine; but we each also have a pair of light sandals/ flip flops, for those times in life which don’t involve walking on rough mountain paths. It was Catherine’s flip flop which broke. So yesterday, once we had finished proper walking, with only 2 pairs of shoes between 3 people, life became like that puzzle about getting a fox, chicken and grain across a river. For us the solution was usually for me to go backwards and forwards carrying Judith’s sandals. Today, Catherine was able to use one of the campsite bicycles to go to nearby Bourg St Maurice and buy some new flip flops.

I got some supplies from the little shop in Landry. Luckily it was still there, but unluckily it hadn’t changed much, which means that it doesn’t really seem to sell anything at all. Enough though, to cobble together some food for a couple of days.

It has been another very hot day, but is raining and thundery and cooler now. Tomorrow will be one more not walking day. Not walking is really quite pleasant.

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