Camp d’Argent to Sospel

One of the great things about arriving at some sort of place after days in the mountains is finding a bin big enough to deposit days of accumulated waste, as the refuges don’t let you leave rubbish there (fair enough really).

I had booked this accommodation by email and looking at the correspondence it wasn’t clear whether I’d booked a private room or a dormitory. After 3 consecutive nights in dormitories, we were praying for a private room, but it was not to be. That saved some money at least, and it was a small dormitory- not one of the monsters from the previous two nights.

Today we were finally properly going south, mostly along or beside a fine ridge. The going was at times fairly easy, almost flat in fact, and this is where most of today’s 14 miles were walked

I just had time before supper to update the blog with the previous few days.

Looking back at yesterday’s col which had marked the end of the very rugged section

Some locals

Another local

A stiff climb brought us to a summit-Mangiabo. From there we saw the Mediterranean for the first time. Very exciting. It’s still a long way off though.

And from there, we began the long descent to Sospel, the very long descent to Sospel, all 6000 feet of it. It was mostly at a reasonable gradient, and so wasn’t too knee jarring or toe crushing.

The final zig zags, though, went on and on, and it got hotter and hotter, as rain and thunder threatened.

Judith says that both the word zig and the word zag have served her well on the scrabble board, but agreed that they were losing their appeal (yes I do know that descending directly would be worse, but even so…).

Once again we reached our destination before the orage (the French word seems to convey more than the prosaic ‘thunderstorm’) finally hit.

We only have one long day of walking left, but after 5 consecutive tough days, it’s time to reclaim the whole ‘with ease’ thing and we have an attractive little apartment here, and we’ll have a day off tomorrow. It has all sorts of luxuries such as chairs and a toilet just for us.

One thought on “Camp d’Argent to Sospel

  1. Amazing photos! Hope “zig” and “zag” restored to favor. Perhaps sacrifice “switchback” in their place?


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