St Martin Vesubie

A day off in the delightful St Martin, which is a large village/ small town with a bit of a touristy vibe. The old part of the town is late medieval, including the building we are staying in.

Judith from the window of our bedroom/sitting room/kitchen.

We’ve done some pottering and exploring, but mainly enjoyed not walking. I’ve said before on this blog that not walking is a very underrated activity.

The town still very much bears the horrific scars of the destruction caused by storm Alex in 2019.

Speaking of weather, each day so far the weather forecast has been absolutely certain that there would be afternoon thunderstorms. These never materialised… until today. But today’s is pretty ferocious .

And then the rain turned to hail. But I’m sure it’ll clear soon. And it feels nice and cool now.

I’m not sure about mobile reception over the next few days for updating the blog, but I’ll post here when I get the chance.

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