Pralognan to Refuge Peclet Polset

One very minor ailment our exertions have caused for all of us is cracked lips, so as we set off this morning and bought bread, we also bought some lip salve. Unfortunately, while apparently being good for lips, it is a ‘pearly pink’ variety, leaving lips shiny pink. It is an odd look with my holiday beard, so I plan to stick with the cracked lips.

Today was all uphill, although never particularly steep. In fact more or less the whole walk today would be drivable in a 4×4.

After leaving the pleasant village, the walk started with a forest track, which, by the admittedly very high standards of the walk so far, was a little boring. As tends to happen, it took us more than 2 hours to reach the large car park at the end of the road, from where most people begin their walks. From here the track was very popular and as it continued to gain height the scenery became very dramatic. The weather has been glorious today- warm sunshine and a slight breeze.

Eventually we reached the refuge, which seems very modern and spacious, with small dorms and plenty of space for rucksacks.

Catherine is sitting on the top of a nearby hill, next to an enormous aerial, because there is mobile phone reception there. I’ll go and join her and see if I can post this.

I’m now at the top of the hill (and disconcertingly close to an enormous precipice). I may be able to post the words but the signal is not good enough for pictures, which I’ll add tomorrow).

Photos now added.

Above, first glimpse of the rather plush refuge.

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