A New plan

This blog started as a GR5 blog describing our trek from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean. But before we finished that, we began to wonder if this 450 mile walk couldn’t be part of an even longer walk. And so we discovered the Via Alpina, which would take us from Trieste in an enormous arc of the Alps, crossing national borders 44 times, and eventually joining with what we have already walked in France.
On the map below we plan to more or less follow the red route. I’m not sure how far it is, but it looks like a long way, and I suspect it is quite hilly. Taken a little at a time it is going to take many summer holidays (edit: since writing that sentence it occurred to me that I could probably look up how far it is: 1561 miles and 765877 feet of ascent apparently- the imperial measurement is strange to me, but it doesn’t matter because right now that is an unimaginable amount.)

Via Alpina - Wikipedia

Or there is an interactive map to play with here: https://hiiker.app/trails/italy/muggia/via-alpina-red-trail/map

We originally thought we would finish the GR5 walk to the Mediterranean before starting in Trieste, but our attempts to get to do the final section of that walk have been frustrated by COVID travel restrictions. As we now plan to set off at the end of September, it is too late in the year for us to do the final French section, with closed refuges and the threat of snow. So we will do one section in Slovenia, which is at a lower altitude, before going back to France when we have the opportunity.

We will endeavour to post daily updates of our travels (internet connection allowing).

Because these are posted with the latest entry at the top, I have also created separate pages for each trip we have done so far with the entries in chronological order, so that they are easier to follow. They are below…

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