Evian to Bernex

Soon after setting we filled our water bottles – with the Evian water. This was a curious site of secular pilgrimage.

We found a very pleasant route to the village of Bernex, walking steadily uphill though fields and forest on paths and minor roads. En route we visited the village of St Paul en Chablais in search of a cafe which would give us a cup of coffee. What kind of French village is big enough to have a hairdresser and a butcher but doesn’t have a cafe, or indeed a bakery for that matter? 

The weather was much better than yesterday- no rain and not too hot.

We are staying in a little apartment, courtesy of airbnb. When we got to Bernex we had to telephone the owner of the apartment, who came to meet us. Unfortunately, she immediately dropped the apartment keys down a drain. Thankfully, and rather surprisingly, the village shop was able to provide her with the perfect tool, a pole with a little hook and the key was retrieved.
We bought our supper from the village shop. 

Everything in the apartment is a bit flimsy, which means that Judith doesn’t want me to sit down for fear that I will break something.

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