A lovely day off from walking, although not entirely sedentary. In the morning Catherine and I hired the necessary equipment to climb the local via ferrata. It went extremely steeply up the left side of a dramatic and extremely noisy waterfall. Near the top, the gorge was crossed by walking along a single wobbly wire with another for the hands (and thankfully rope lanyards) before a traverse on the other side of the gorge. Although amply equipped with artificial aids for both hands and feet I found it rather strenuous. At the top Catherine announced that she wanted to do it again. I really didn’t want to and so offered to photograph her from the bottom instead. Some photos below.

Meanwhile in a bizarre echo of Catherine’s flip flop crisis in Landry, the strap of Judith’s sandal broke. Luckily there are sandal shops here and no trip by bicycle was necessary.

The afternoon has been very relaxing, making ourselves ready for just 2 more Alpine walking days this year.

At the start of the first lap, before my hands were too busy holding on to take photos.

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