Final blog entry for 2022

So we have walked from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean, by a way that didn’t seek the easiest flattest line, but went by interesting and mountainous ways. When we finally arrived at the sea, crowds of people didn’t turn out to celebrate one of the great sporting achievements of our era, although the woman who took the photograph with our feet in the water was delighted to learn why she was doing it, especially as she lived in Geneva, but hadn’t walked here (that is possible apparently). If our overall time (5 years and 7 days) breaks any records, they will be for slowness. But this does actually feel like quite an achievement for us.

Our choice to finish this year by the GR52 rather than the GR5 made for a thrilling climax, although just occasionally it felt like we weren’t crossing the Alps with ease. We’ll remember it for ever: those beautiful immaculate villages, then the high mountains of the Mercantour, with a distinctly mountaineering flavour, and the final days with an increasingly Mediterranean feel. And we have enjoyed the friendliness and helpfulness of more or less everyone we have met.

Having walked all this way, we are going to spend a couple of days here before heading home. But it turns out that Menton is a little beyond our budget, so we’ll go to Nice for some ‘not walking’ and some culture.

3 thoughts on “Final blog entry for 2022

  1. You must be so proud and excited for over the years you have completed this wonderful achievement we are so pleased for you, and we have enjoyed your blogs, so well done. ,safe journey home. kind regards.


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