Into Switzerland

Last night we were joined by a large group (12 of them) of older French travellers, who I think were just out for one night. Our hearts sank a bit at the thought of sharing a dormitory with them because we thought they might misbehave in two possible ways: they could giggle all night, or snore. Or both. But we did them an injustice; the giggling had stopped long before lights out at 10pm and the snoring was not too bad.

The family who ran the Refuge were extremely hospitable and we left with about a ton of mountain cheese and ham. 

It turns out the large bovine creatures near the Refuge are Yaks.

Today was a long walk, but for a lot of it the going was pretty easy- for one or two sections it was almost flat. There were, of course, steeper sections, some steep enough for Judith to adopt her (surely unique) uphill walking strategy- head down, earphones in listening to an audio recording of James Joyce’s Ulysses.  

The views all day were sensational as we visited a number of different valleys without having to descend too far into them.

It was another day of very fine weather. We were entirely on our own for the first 2 1/2 hours, but when we reached the col de Bassachaux, where there is road access and a high car park, we were joined for a while by lots of day walkers. 

We crossed into Switzerland at the Col de Chevery and eventually arrived at a high farm called Lapisa, where they make cheese and have small dormitory and we are having a local cheese fondue for supper. We are the only guests here.

The view back to the Refuge this morning

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