Maljasset to Chiappera-an excursion into Italy

The official GR5 leaves Maljasset for a lengthy stretch along a road. We decided that we would avoid that by making a 2 day excursion into Italy. Our friend, Ben, joined us last night and will walk with us those these 2 days and then walk back on the GR5 so will be able to tell us which is better.

Our accommodation at Maljasset left the Auberge de la Cure (the Old Vicarage). It was a charming place with real character.

Our walk today crossed the Col de Mary. The ascent was much more gentle than yesterday, not too long and very pretty.

At the col we passed into Italy, and came down a beautiful valley. We stopped for lunch and, as we had a phone signal on this side of the col, I was able to post yesterday’s blog.

It was quite a long way down, but, again, a lot less steep than yesterday.

High up we had fleeces on for a while but in the lower part it really got quite hot.

Cooling off hot feet

Chiappera is a delightful jumble of stone houses. Judith and I found the place we were staying and were taken to a room in a house in a quiet spot high in the village. The place where Ben was staying was having a very loud beer festival and they weren’t ready for him so he was furious and came to visit us. When he saw how nice our room was he was even crosser. However, he went back again and has returned in a much better mood. For some reason they have given him a whole house- ‘it’s at least 7 times bigger than your room’ he announced triumphantly.

Ben’s terrace!!

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