Bousieyas to St Etienne de Tinee

Even the presence of an enormous image of the Buddha above the beds, couldn’t make the room flat. There were bricks under the ends of the beds but it was still a bit disconcerting. It was a pleasant place to stay though and the vegetarian meal certainly made a change.

Today’s walk would take us to our final destination for 2019. Although it was quite a long walk, it was nothing like as demanding as yesterday’s. There were two cols to cross but both felt fairly domestic after some of the high places of previous days.

Our first destination was the col de la Columbière, a very modest and gentle climb of not much more than 1000 feet, during which there were views back to Bousieyas where we had slept. It was a small collection of tin-roofed buildings only occupied in the summer.


A bit of research has revealed that the absolutely enormous bird we saw was a Bearded Vulture.

There were also views back to yesterday’s route. The Pas de la Cavade can be seen in the picture below.

The descent on the other side of the col was much longer, traversing steep slopes with one or two gentler sections.

At the valley bottom we came to a village, St Delmas le Selvage.

The next col followed a similar pattern- a relatively easy ascent (although hot) followed by a long way down with hundreds of butterflies.

There was also quite a lot of lavender, a sign, apparently, that we are getting nearer the Mediterranean.

St Etienne de Tinee came into view.

And it got hotter, the breeze which had been pleasantly cool was more like a hairdryer.

But we were able to cool off a bit before finding our apartment, where we will be for two nights.

Although this is our final destination for this year, we might walk on a bit tomorrow and get the bus back to take the edge off the first day of the 2020 walk.

One thought on “Bousieyas to St Etienne de Tinee

  1. loved following your journey, great scenery, fab photos – especially the marmot, filled with admiration for your stamina!!!
    See you next week


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