Refuge des merveilles to camp d’Argent

After a not particularly comfortable night- at one point I wondered if I might suffocate, we were glad to get out into the open again. How can people actually want windows closed in a place like that.

Would you believe we had a col to cross! It was the Pas du Diable, although it proved not nearly as diabolical as some other recent passes I could mention. It was still necessary to wonder how on earth we were going to get there.

But get there we did. And on the other side was a completely different world, less jagged and more rounded, less rock and more grass. Once again we were walking among butterflies and crickets.

The paths were much easier than they had been over the last few days, traversing a lot of hillside.

Looking back. The pas du Diable is in the far distance.
A wartime fort in a strategic position

We got to Camp d’argent just before a big thunderstorm. The place we are staying in tonight is much smaller and we have a lot more space. We also have internet, which means I’ve been able to post 3 days of blog and add photos for a fourth.

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