Croix du Bonhomme to Plan Mya

We had a little room in the refuge with 4 beds (2 bunk beds). The place was very crowded and we were told there were to be 5 people in this room. We’re not sure what happened, but thankfully it was just the 3 of us. Given that it was so crowded the evening meal was fine, although even the most sentimental of Alpine traveller is never going to say ‘Goody, polenta for tea’.

The Tour du Mont Blanc procession went off down the hill towards a valley, but we went a different way, finding our way on to a fine ridge, the Crete des Gittes.

We have had a very short day today. The ridge was spectacular, but not difficult (the guidebook has a far longer and less interesting alternative in case of high wind or ice). We were able to choose between following a path or sticking more closely to the airy crest.

Then there was a descent through alpine flowers and butterflies and extremely vocal crickets, ending up on the minor road pass over the col de Roselend. We have been here before (by car) and it is a very lovely place. Having started walking at 8am we were here by late morning and have been relaxing and reading in the sunshine since then.

We are about to go and find our refuge for the evening. Apparently they have their own snail farm, so supper tonight might be interesting.

Very little mobile reception so even if I can post this, I can’t post any pictures yet.

ps I couldn’t get enough phone signal to post this yesterday, so I’ll keep an eye out for signal as we walk today.

Catherine was often a little way ahead.

Plan Mya didn’t look like much from outside, but was a lovely place to stay.

One thought on “Croix du Bonhomme to Plan Mya

  1. I thought of you all today as I did the church intercessions email. Your photos look lovely and your weather’s probably drier than ours – at least yesterday when I went up to the Keswick Convention and the noise of rain on the main tent almost drowned out the speaker. Nice again today.
    Hope you continue to enjoy it. God bless, Nick


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