Ready to start again

Catherine had been working at the Kendal Calling Festival so we had arranged to pick her up and her little tent at 5.30am in order to get to Manchester airport in time for our flight to Geneva. It turns out at that for festival goers 5.30 in the morning is late at night rather than early in the morning and we collected her straight from the staff party. As a result she has been falling asleep at every conceivable opportunity and seems to have trouble grasping what the word ‘today’ means.

In fact we needn’t have been so early as the plane was 2 hours late leaving Manchester. We got a Chamexpress bus, which, with an ironic nod to the convenience of motorised transport, dropped us at our hotel door. The Chamonix valley is as dramatic as we left it, and the hotel is more or less exactly where Judith and I finished last year. So we can start again where we left off, but now with our narcoleptic daughter.

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