Cerkno to Petrovo Brdo

Today was our last day walking, as we have now reached the high mountains, where the refuges have closed for the winter.

It was a day of pleasing simplicity. From Cerkno we walked up a mountain called Porezen, and then we walked down the other side. On the way up, there were no unnecessary descents, and on the way down, it was down all the way. About half way up we rejoined the official Via Alpina route.

It was quite a long way up and down- the top of Porezen is 4500 ft above Cerkno, which our legs certainly noticed, but our spirits were lifted by the views all around, a fitting climax to this leg of the trip.

Leaving the valley mist behind
Looking down to Cerkno
Clearing the trees on the way up. About an hour to the top

And on the other side of the mountain all that we could see was…

The highest peak is Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia and a kind of national symbol. On the high point of the ridge on the foreground is the refuge where we will spend the night after the first day when we eventually return to carry on.
Coming back into trees on the way down

We are staying the night at a small mountain lodge, run by a delightful man who has opened specially for us. He took our picture…

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