2018 plans

We are getting ready to continue our north to south trek through the French Alps. We finished last year at Les Houches near Chamonix, and we will travel there on Monday 30th July to start walking on Tuesday. This year we will walk as far as Modane, which is a walk of a little more than 100 miles. I don’t think that sounds too much for a 2 week holiday. But we couldn’t help noticing last year that those pesky Alps are very hilly and those miles will include 9500m (31,100 feet or so) of ascent and descent, which is rather more than climbing Everest from sea level. We’ll take it nice and slowly though and hope for good weather. It is meant to be a holiday after all. The snow which lead us to use spare socks as emergency mittens last year was early enough in the trip that it has now dropped discretely below the ‘older posts’ button. So all sunshine and blue skies.

This year Edward is doing other things, but we will have our daughter, Catherine with us. As in 2017, I’ll post progress here when mobile phone reception allows.

Everything nicely organised!

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