Val Rosandra to Lokev

I’ve never really got the hang of eating out in Italy- definitely need more practice. I’m never sure how the courses work and how many you are meant to have. The problem was compounded last night at the rifugio Premuda by the fact there wasn’t a menu, or rather there wasn’t a written menu; instead we were treated to a very long list and it seemed to us that the main thing was to order a quantity of food which wasn’t wildly inappropriate. I’m pleased to report that we were successful and as an added bonus, it was delicious. And, furthermore, they provided a sandwich for today.

The day started with a climb up Val Rosandra, it’s vast vertical sides giving a thrillingly claustrophobic atmosphere.

Unfortunately we underestimated the complexity of the valley and somewhere we took a wrong branch- following red and white markers doesn’t really work if all the paths have red and white markers. By the time we realised our mistake, we were at the point of perfect ambiguity about whether it was best to retrace our steps or carry on and rejoin the route later. We chose the latter as psychologically preferable.

While I stared with incredulity at the gps map and worried about how close together the contours were on our new route, Judith happily took pictures of beetles.

…and flowers

Our extra excursion added considerable ascent and descent- and time to our day. Our walk today was going to end up being about 17 miles, and after a couple of hours our pace was averaging at rather less than one mile an hour.

Thankfully the going got easier and we sped up a bit. After a last look at the coast…

…we crossed the border into Slovenia, where we have not one word of the language.

After some nice flat walking on a disused railway line, and some minor roads, we picked up a track through forest which gained height with relative ease…

At the top of the hill there was a cafe, where we had a drink before continuing down

Once in the valley we were near Lipica where the famous Lipizzaner are bred.

Finally we followed a faint path for a long way…

…to eventually arrive at the large village/ small town of Lokev where confusingly all the streets are called Lokev

2 thoughts on “Val Rosandra to Lokev

  1. If Slovenia used to be part of Yugoslavia then I know two words. They are Punny bughia. It means the milk is boiling over! Not much use to you but we used to have a Yugoslav lodger when I was about 6 or 7 and he taught me that. Thought it might come in handy for you! Maybe…Sue. x


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