To Samoens

It wasn't long before we were back in France. A stiff climb to a col brought us to the border, complete with border guard post. There weren't any border guards, though; just a couple of chaps running around barefoot with the goats. Turns out they were Exeter University students, living in the guard post for 2 months researching the migrating habits of hover flies. Apparently hover flies go between England and Africa, through high sided valleys like the one we had climbed out of. The students must have had an awful long way to go to get provisions and must be eating a lot of cheese.
On the way to the next col, Judith put her walking poles down somewhere and accidentally left them behind. When we realised, Edward heroically ran back, but unfortunately they were lost.
After one final col, Samoens appeared in the valley. And all we had to go was go down and down and down and down, accompanied by rising temperatures and humidity. When we got here- and I can't exaggerate how far down it was (why on earth did thy build it so low?) we found a bustling busy tourist town.
We have rented an apartment here for a couple of nights through airbnb- much cheaper than the hotels. When we found it there was a key box with combination lock. We realised that the system probably was that the owner had texted the code to us at about the time we said we would arrive. Unfortunately, even with a portable charger, two nights without electric plugs, and using my phone to write this and occasionally as a gps, had killed the battery. Luckily and rather surprisingly we found an electric socket in the wall on a balcony outside the apartment, and we were able to let ourselves in to a very cosy little place, complete with balcony.

2 thoughts on “To Samoens

  1. We are very much enjoying your daily reports. Glad the weather has improved. Edward with legs no longer fit for climbing can see the point of headphones to make a steep gradient seem less daunting – but why Ulysses?

    Hilary & Edward


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