Lokev to Senozece

The walk today was a bit shorter and a lot flatter then yesterday’s. And from time to time the walk was in a straight line. Indeed, we walked 2 miles absolutely straight right at the beginning of the day, although this was in a south easterly direction and we are generally going north, but you can’t have everything.

A shorter day gave us some time to visit the Skocjan Caves. This is a world heritage site and a popular tourist destination (most people drive there rather than arrive on foot). Unfortunately the tour involved a 2 mile walk and a lot of steps down and back up, which in many ways is an odd thing to do while taking a break from walking. But it was worth it because the caves were astonishing and we didn’t have to carry our packs because there were lockers. We weren’t allowed to take photos in the caves so here are a couple from the internet.

They don’t really do it justice though.

The caves were in an area of cliffs…

These cliffs are really a huge hole in the ground, in otherwise rolling countryside. Several million years ago the underground river caused the whole hill to collapse.

Beyond the caves were another 10 miles or so of forest…

And occasional more open bits…

One moment of mild anxiety was when we crossed an airfield, the path crossing right at the end of the runway. Numerous signs said that you weren’t allowed to go that way. The map said otherwise. Either the owners of the airfield are in dispute with whoever is responsible for this section of path or the signs were only intended for vehicles (I now think this is most likely as the signs were only placed in the direction that vehicles could come from). Anyway, with no obvious alternative route we crossed that section. We were observed but not shouted at. A small plane did take off soon after we had passed.

Senozece, where we have ended up was obviously once very prosperous, but now a lot of the grandest buildings are empty or ruined. According to the guidebook to the Slovene Mountain Trail, this is because first the railway and then the motorway passed it by. We have a good place to stay though in the edge of town.

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