Over the last few days we have got to know a number of people doing the same route as us. Most of them are half our age and go a lot quicker, but we still see each other at the end of the day. Judith thinks we are probably known as Les vieux Anglais. By having a day off we will have lost touch with them, and it’s a bit of a shame that any weary hiker we spot in Menton won’t be someone we recognise.

But, that said, resting weary limbs today in the historic little town of Sospel has been well worth that sacrifice.

Like some of the villages we visited earlier in this part of the trip, Sospel was on the route du sel (salt route) from Nice to Piémont from the 13th century. Everyone crossing the bridge had to pay a toll.

Although not a big place, there is a cathedral here, full of baroque art.

We went to Mass. Its linguistic incomprehensibility, was compensated for by colour and rhythm.

All ready for one more day’s walk.

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