Senozece to Predjama

The hotel we were staying in was to be closed today, so we were served breakfast by the cleaning lady. Not only was she able to give us an early breakfast which suits us, it was also by some way the best breakfast of the trip so far. Normally we just seem to get bread and jam and coffee but this morning she made us omelette and bacon and egg.

The walk began by going back into trees and heading toward Razdrto along twisty paths and tracks (twisty both left and right and up and down).

In front of us now was a huge whale of a mountain called Nanos, and our route was to take us onward via the summit. But even the casual glance at the map revealed that by walking in a straight line along minor roads you could miss out Nanos altogether, making the day at least 3 hours shorter. As the mountain was enveloped in thick black cloud, this seemed to me to be at least an option. But Judith informed me that ‘we are not those people’. I was just wondering whether I might be that person, but apparently not yet. Nanos it was.

The route up involved an enormous zig zag, something like a 2 mile zig followed by a similar zag. The angle was mainly easy but the steeper rocky sections were incredibly slippery.

Getting above the trees was a relief, partly because the feeling of space was good, but mainly because without the wet leaves it was a lot less slippery.

The view from the top wasn’t quite as magnificent as we had been promised…

But after descending a bit, we were able to have lunch with a view.

It was a good path down, and for some reason the rocks were no longer slippery. The various theories about this included subtly different rock, different trees, different atmospheric conditions, and divine intervention. Whatever the reason it was a great relief.

Once off the mountain, we had a few more miles to go. The weather had improved considerably and it was now a very pleasant afternoon.

Setting off on the last section. The mountain behind is Nanos.

Our bed for the night is very close to the spectacular Predjama castle. I think we arrived in time to explore the castle but our legs and feet were having none of that.

Apparently it has never been used as the baddy lair in a James Bond film, but surely it must have been…

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