Les Contamines to the refuge de la Croix du Bonhomme

I appear to have lost my penknife- it must have fallen from the top pocket of the rucksack when taking something else out of it. This meant that opening a bottle of wine last night required invention, fortitude and courage. But everything else has gone well.

The deal with the Les Contamines apartment was that it wasn’t cleaned between visitors and you leave it as you found it. We found it immaculate and so that is how we had to leave it.

Easy walking along the valley lead to Notre Dame de la Gorge, a pilgrim church. From there it was uphill for more or less the rest of the day. To get that big a sustained uphill in Britain you would have to dig a big hole next to Ben Nevis and start from the bottom of it.

This was a very beautiful day’s walking, especially once we got above the trees (we went through various different eco systems). It was also very varied, apart from being relentlessly uphill. And it was very busy, as we were still with the Tour de Mont Blanc.

The refuge is very busy and really quite noisy but we are looking forward to an evening meal and a pretty easy day planned for tomorrow.

The weather has been glorious again. I’ll try and add photos but they may have to wait because mobile phone reception is not that good.

There was some old snow to cross

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