Modane- the end of the 2018 leg of the trip.

The vague plan to do an extra couple of hours today to save us doing it next year didn’t come to anything. The timing of the bus meant that an early start would have been necessary, and none of us were particularly enthusiastic. So a day relaxing before travelling home tomorrow.

This has been a fantastic leg of the journey, through sensational scenery, and apart from a couple of hours on 2 days, we have only walked in fine weather. Some days were hard but never cripplingly so, which means that the philosophy of the trip has not been compromised.

We have met plenty of other people doing multi-day walks, but hardly anyone doing the same route as us- just a couple of young men, who were going from Lake Geneva to Modane in 2 weeks i.e. twice our speed.

This has meant that on some days the paths have been shared with lots of other walkers and sometimes we have seen virtually nobody. If you were planning a 3 or 4 day walk, you would probably try to avoid one of those very long ascents or descents between the valley and the mountain, but for us these have added variety to the trek, although they have also been hard work. The walk has been consistently interesting, with hardly any of it being on roads.

We have had good rests when down in the valleys, and the refuges have always been interesting- it is amazing how much the atmosphere in them varies. And then there is something deeply appealing about a journey, travelling with only what you can carry.

Tomorrow we get a train and bus to Lyon airport and fly home. It is good that we have walked far enough that to get home it is best to use a different airport from the one we used at the start of the walk.

Next year we will move closer still to the Mediterranean, and there will be new adventures. But here ends the 2018 epistle.

Our 2nd floor apartment in Modane.

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